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The Yale Swimming & Diving Alumni Association was founded on March 8, 1952 at the Ray Tompkins House in New Haven.  The first officers of the Association were Edward (Hap) T. Hetzler '23, President; Howard R. Johnson '42, vice-President; and Russell P. Duncan '40, Secretary-Treasurer. The annual dues at the time were three dollars ($3.00) per member.

While times have changed since the YSA's first days, our mission has not.  As always, the purpose of this association is to renew, strengthen and increase the interests and friendships formed in the Yale swimming and diving family by a closer relationship with the undergraduate team and other swimming alumni and friends.

How can you help? Simply, be a part of our community: Attend a meet. Share stories. Plan an event. Fundraise. Keep us updated with your latest contact information through this site.  Submit photos and details regarding where you are and what you are doing to [email protected].  

We're all fortunate to have been a part of something very special. It is now our responsibility to ensure that others can share in our wealth of friendships, memories, and fun.

Yale Swimming & Diving Association Board

Kristin Krebs-Dick '93 President
[email protected]

Nate Cartmell '73
Steve Clark '65
Jeremy Fain '99
Mike Faro '93
Melanie Ginter '78
Steve Gold '99
Katie Hazelwood '86
Bert Hazlett '87
Dave Hershey '62
Jen Hiltunen '97
Kate Ivers '99
Todd Kaplan '86
Susan Kim '10
Alexis Lerner Katz '94
Mark Loftis '83
Andrea Martin '99
Moira McClosky '07
Matthew Meade '87
Lisa O'Dell Rapuano '80
Brett Rubin '00
Buck Smith '75
Tom Stebbins '94
Casey Whalen-Sellers '96
Bendan Woo '08

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